Refrigerated vehicles from 1970 - almost 50 years of making innovations in refrigerated transport.


The company was founded in 1970 by a group of Italian businessmen and a group of entrepreneurs. The company took the name of SocietáOfficinaRomagnole (SOR), which is of Italian origin.

The companies belonging to the SOR Group


Company model: Comprehensive monitoring process

  • Manufacture of freight containers
  • Manufacture of chassis
  • Repair workshop

From 1970, we have been working on innovations in refrigeration, using increasingly light materials to improve the load capacity of our multi-stage lorries.

We have manufactured over 30 000 transport freight containers. What others think is impossible is easy for us because of our experience.

Letter from Management

The economic situation which we are experiencing obliges us all to be much more analytical when making decisions on investment on durable goods. For the first time, what matters is not only what we invest in or how much, but also with whom we invest.

Why then work with SOR IBÉRICA SA and not any other provider?

Because we have worked very hard in recent years to achieve a flexible company that is capable of adapting to the customer and his needs. Furthermore we are a solid company with a solvent product, and a recognised and established position in different markets, Why...

  • We export more than half of our manufactured goods to major European countries
  • We work for major logistic operators in various European markets giving a fully personalised pre-sales service, that is, with a pre-sales consultant who studies the company’s need and suggests the best solutions.
  • We continue to work with the suppliers of the best raw materials as we have always done.
  • We invest in the search for innovative solutions and developments/strong> which continuously help to improve our products.
  • Because SOR used vehicle retain high resale value within Spain and beyond our borders.
  • We are undoubtedly a manufacturer with future prospects.

In short, because we are interested in your investment being the most profitable and secure as possible.

Our objective is clear: we want to be your supplier of refrigerated compartments and we are working towards this aim. We are a sure bet! Invest in SOR IBÉRICA SA.

Let's work together!

June 2013