Sor Ibérica

Committed to quality, service, and to research and development

In the SOR Group, we implemented the Total Quality Plan to strengthen the various strands supporting the Group’s philosophy:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Environment and Quality
  • Social Progress
  • Capital

TEAM WORK is key to allowing us to achieve a balance with these five strengths.

Always close relations with the customer

Distribution and Servic                                  
Extensive service network in Spain and Europe
The vehicles are designed with the needs of the customer in mind. Personalised design.

What customers say about us?

Lightness, manoeuvrability, high resale value,
security, strength, talent, experience, post-sales service, personalised attention, performance,
cost-saving, innovation, personalised design, resistant, compact, hard, human team ,
robust,    solidity, powerful, sure investment, European accreditation, distinctive, exclusive,
elegant... and a solvent company behind

SOR is an active member of Transfrigoroute Internacional
SOR is a member of the CCT working group
(CCT = Technical Advisory Committee)

Recognition for our work

Premio en Investigación y Desarrollo

1991 - IMPIVA Award in Research and Development, and Diversification.
In acknowledgement for the work of our technical team in the area of Research and Development in SOR, thereby achieving an extremely high quality in our products.

Premio Mejor Fabricante Español

1993 - Prize for the BEST COMPANY, awarded by the magazine TODOTRANSPORTE.
This award is recognition for the rapid growth which our company has achieved in recent years to become a market leader in Spain and be counted among the top five companies in the sector in Europe.

1995 - The BEST SPANISH MANUFACTURER Award, conferred by the specialist magazine LOGISTICA Y TRANSPORTE

Premio a la Exportación

1998 - Prize for EXPORTED , awarded by the VALENCIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
We have opened an excellent market throughout Europe, exporting our products to dozens of countries.