Chasis Levante

We are specialists in refrigeration and have designed for SOR transport containers

Exclusive Chassis

We are specialists in refrigeration and we have designed exclusive optimised chassis for SOR freight containers: a chassis with reinforcements and lifting points which our containers require, and a maximum tare weight.



The companies SOR IBERICA SA and Leciñena SA entered into a joint venture agreement to manufacture specific chassis for SOR refrigerated containers.


It started its activity under the commercial name of LECSOR for the national market and SOR for the international market.


In only one year, the company exceeded its production forecasts. In twelve months, production increased from 360 units on average per year to 680 chassis. Currently, we are ready to manufacture around 1000 units a year.


The brand began to be an established name and more than 50% of SOR containers are equipped with Lecsor chassis. The customers can now opt for a complete combined product of container and chassis.


The factory is prepared to adapt to customer needs and to offer to the market over 20 different alternatives within its range of semi-trailers: with 1 to 3 shafts, directional and auto- directional systems, and 9000 to 18600 mm in length.


With a stable staff, a name that is recognised and established in the sector, the Lecsor commercial brand was changed, with a focus on only one product: SOR Semirremolque (Semi-trailer) Container and Chassis.

Our Products

“What lorry drivers have highlighted about our semi-trailers are their resistance, manoeuvrability and robustness. The combined SOR Container + Chassis offer greater optimised tare weight. Furthermore, our products have high resale value... a SOR semi-trailer is undoubted a sure bet whichever way you look.”

We work with top brands, the lightest materials and have an extensive post-sales service network throughout Europe.

In the link below, you will find technical information on the semi-trailers.

“We are where your semi-trailer needs to be.”

Where we are located

CHASIS LEVANTE, S.A. is located within the premise of SOR IBERICA SA

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